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Having a Real Relationship with God

Women's Study

Facilitator: Mary Earle Cost of Book: $8


Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to have a meaningful relationship with God? Do you hunger for a genuine experience of community and of God? This study will help you discover how a relationship is possible. In this 6-week, NO HOMEWORK study, you will not only learn what it is to have a real relationship with God, but you will also learn a method of study that you can use every time you open His beautiful Word to us – The Bible!


Living in the Spirit

Facilitator: Mike Henry


Cost of Book: $4


You’re invited to be empowered! Join us for an 8-week, life-changing, in-depth look at the Holy Spirit, who He is, and how He wants to empower us as individuals and as a church to live more fully in Christ.


The Joy of Prayer

Facilitator: Betsy Williams


Cost of Book: $8


The Joy of Prayer will provide you with clear answers to persistent questions you have about prayer. In this 8-week study, you will discover that: (1) Prayer is a pathway to joy; (2) God still speaks today, and we can hear him; (3) Prayer is a mighty weapon in defeating Satan; (4) The Father, Son and Holy Spirit “pray” with us; and (5) God takes pleasure in the prayers of his people.